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Imagine to wake up and suddenly see the world from a totally different point of vue...
This was me ten years ago, in a sunny winter wednesday in Rome, after i discovered that i felt in love with photography,
my life completely changed after this day.
Since then i understood what was my destiny: to create images and souvenirs; 
I was born in Penne, Italy; my quiet birthplace taught me to appreciate the beauty of nature and traditions, but also gave me this need to discover other places and countries.
After a long period in Rome, where i studied and started to work, i decided to move to France, and Lyon became my second home;
There i worked as photographer and videomaker for one of the most followed Youtube fitness channel : Bodytime.
USA, Tokyo, Morocco, Martinique, Turkey, Paris, with them i travelled the world and explored France to create contents and i also worked with many others french influencers.
 English, french, spanish: these are the languages i fluently speak, i'm open to different cultures and i love to travel.
I like to explore different styles in my work and i'm used to work both with athletes and artist.
I'm a light hunter, i'm a feeling's keeper.
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